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FOOX What?

FOOX the artist was born in South Africa and raised partly in America and New Zealand, FOOX is most interested in the fabric of our reality and the laws applicable to Universal Reality and philosophy. FOOX is barely in this reality but communicates most effectively through his art.

FOOX weaves stories through ancient symbols relating to the Norse Pagans, Neo-Druidic, Kabbalistic, Neo-Christian, Judeo-Christian, Buddhism, and Hermetic Masonry. This has resulted in a broad and extensive network of art collectors and lovers discussing elements of FOOX's work from humanistic and universal perspectives.

FOOX's ORGAN DONORS have been raising awareness for organ donation since 2007 and have been featured on the BBC, Yahoo Buzz, Paper Magazine, Juxtapoz, Britain's Daily Telegraph, Detroit's Metrotimes, and many other publications. FOOX has also been featured in SURFACE Magazine, Envy, WIRED online, BoingBoing, the Wall Street Journal (in print and online), and CNET.

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Comprising a weird combination of products, FOOX's MONEY is fast becoming the only valuable currency in the world*. FOOX's MONEY comprises:
+ The Fifth Letter (oil on canvas giant originals)
+ The Fifth Letter (giclee on archival cotton rag)
+ SCARY MONEY (original pieces on display at Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards Party 2008)
+ SCARY MONEY (giclee prints unlimited)
+ and then there are the coinage:
+ 88-cent coin buttons
+ 33-cent laser cut and hand painted coins (edition of 33 only)

* FOOX's MONEY is a fictitious currency based entirely in the realm of the art world and other magical places. It is not real money but it does have REAL value :)

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